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Re: Boer field artillery........

Allan , I am fighting the urge to get too drawn in to the Boer war, useless waste of effort on my part as the Brits skirmishing are on the table primed and base coated, but how can you resist great figures for a period your interested in ??!! , what I like about this set is the crews appear to be mix and match, so you can have several guns but no two crews alike! ...and that makes it a must buy set, because we want to encourage that sort of thinking from not only Strelets but others too, so there you have it, already sold to me at this stage....what was I saying about waste of effort :joy:

Re: Boer field artillery........

Lads, once again PSR seem to have news that Mr Strelets has not shared with us:
"Strelets have announced that a new artillery set is in development. The title, 'Boer Field Artillery', pretty much tells you everything you need to know, except the fact that the gun will be the same as went into their set 111 Turkish Artillery."

Re: Boer field artillery........

I think several of the poses would make nice ACW Confederate artillerymen as well. I might even be able to use my imagination and put a few on my Union pieces.

Re: Boer field artillery........

Alan Buckingham
Well not LRDG , But still great to see, particularly so because at first glance they look superb !
Hi, it looks really Great. I will buy 2 of them.


Re: Boer field artillery........

Excellent looking figures. :+1:

14 useful poses to shell some Brits, will definitely buy a few crews.
2nd Boer War is one of the few "Colonial" conflicts I'm interested in. An entirely & obviously asymmetrical affair when comparing the overall figures of the opposing sides. But one of the rare exceptions when an imperialist power met serious resistance from an highly motivated and also reasonably trained & equipped force (considering the industrial warfare standards of the time).
I also think some figures could work for other late 19th/early 20th century conflicts.

Another field where Strelets easily outperforms inferior competitors: quality, quantity & variety of poses & total figures per box! :wink:

@Strelets, will it be 2 guns per box?

Keep up the good work! :+1:

Re: Boer field artillery........

A great set indeed. I just wish that the artillery piece would have been a 75mm Creusot. Time for a little converting.

Re: Boer field artillery........

Lovely looking figures. Agree with others; beaut range of poses.

Re: Boer field artillery........

James Fisher
Lovely looking figures. Agree with others; beaut range of poses.
Hi James,

I can see this format being great for the Napoleonic period no more clone artillery units with the same 4 poses especially with the more refined sculpting now being produced. Horse and Line units of many nations would fly out the doors and would be a great seller.