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Re: Friday Teaser

Allan from Glasgow
Hi Alan,

you are so right Alan my bank accounts are all in the red, sold my left kidney and might have to sell the poor dog. As i have said before I buy many multiples of each Nappy set to make up my divisions perhaps Strelets might take pity on us poor Nappy fans and release say 2 sets a quarter and let the SAS/ LRDG sets get done that you have been patiently waiting on.

It would be good for everyone if perhaps 2 sets from each of the main periods that way we would all get our favourite fix regularly

On a side note Raid on Rommel is on the tv tonight love that film along with Tobruk, both bring back memories of my first diorama which used painted soup cans to make my oil depot along with the Matchbox LRDG sets and the Anzacs and Afrika Korp sets from Matchbox. Thats is when all the problems started lol.


Allan, right up there with Sea of sand ,some of my favorite war films about the desert war, the ones that helped get me hooked in to this hobby, along time ago in what seems like a Galaxy far far away. I have been busy with life stuff and not had too much time to paint, but I have been playing catch up with my Africa Korps in what painting time I do have, it has not helped, it makes the need for someone to be sneaky around them all the greater.

Re: Friday Teaser

Would like more ACW. I'm Napped out.
Some WW2 Chinese would be useful too.

Re: Friday Teaser

That's enough ww2 sets ! time for late XIX AD or ww1 ,medival Byzantines....!

Re: Friday Teaser

Mesrs Strelets were going to show us another *amazing* lot of Napoleonic masters, but you have all scared them off with your broad-minded, inclusive call (by the Napoleonic buffs) or self-interest (by the non-Napoleonic people amongst you), so now there is nothing! :joy:

I don't mind if you show us some more lovely Russians, Austrian or whatever, Mr Strelets! :grin: :innocent: