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Re: Contribution of Crimean War Personalities

very well done indeed. A great set if figures by Strelets.

I am often tempted, but the Crimea does not really appeal enough against Napoleonics, so I keep resisting
Dear Marc,

If I want to set the mood for setting up some 1/72 Napoleonics, I plug in the movie "Waterloo."

If you want set the mood for collecting the Crimea watch MGM's 1968 version of "The Charge of the Light Brigade." The color; the action; the history! Then ...

All you have to do is collect Strelets 5 *Big Box* sets and you can recreate one of the most famous and colorful events in military history and with all of the famous personalities present.

1. Big Box Set #901 "Into the Valley of Death"

2. Big Box Set #902 "Heavy Brigade"

3. Big Box Set #903 "Thin Red Line"

4. Big Box Set #906 "The Last Assault on Sevastopol"

5. Set #051 "Russian General Staff and Hospital"

All of the Big Box sets in the links above come with extra sets (not shown in the links of PSR) of all the major soldiers to re-create the famous "Charge of the Light Brigade" in the movie and more. Shown in the links above are sprews of all the famous personalities of that battle - the only way to buy them.

I would suggest picking up the Russian Artillery set made by EMHAR (set #7208) that matches perfectly with Strelets and, ironically, actually helps fill a gap in Strelets fantastic Crimean War Range. You'll need them for the forever famous end of the valley battle scene.

And then there are so many other Crimean War sets by Strelets you may also want to pick up for the sieges, battles, drinking, partying, freezing their toes off ... you get the point.

As Sgt. Dajineau of Beau Geste fameously says, ... you won't be disappointed, "I promise you!"

Happy Collecting - GC

Re: Contribution of Crimean War Personalities

I agree inspiring work

Re: Contribution of Crimean War Personalities

Many thanks for the kind words about my painted Crimean personalities figures! :slightly_smiling_face: I think they're terrific sculpting and unique for 1/72 scale. Strelets appear to have a real and sincere appreciation for their subjects.

The images kindly posted in the Gallery by Strelets are just a sample. If anyone is interested, I've included links below to the full list I've painted, some of which I've included a brief biography of.

French Personalities

British Personalities

Russian Personalities

Finally, some of my other Strelets Crimean War figures can be found via this portal page:

Crimean War by Strelets

Best wishes,