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ACW Naval Ship Blockade Runner

For anyone interested in ACW fighting ships, below is a link to a model at a very fair price. I bought mine on Amazon.

I paid $22 each including shipping. The first link below shows a picture of the model with a measurement of 19in (about 48cm). That's the max size I want for my 1/72 collection. The other link is of a nice conversion making it smaller, no bowsprit shortens it a little, need to read his description. I have always had a very difficult time finding boats/ships close to our scale that I can both put a crew on to look exciting and at a good price.

Sure hope Strelets thinks about making Sailors for the ACW because they did fight on land too - "Landing Parties."

Thank you Strelets. 2 Links of pictures follows:

Re: ACW Era Steamboats / Paddlewheelers

I've never wanted to pay exhorbident prices for wooden paddleboats for my collection, but below I've put links to two Riverboat Paddlewheelers that measure out to 45cm when assembled. I have them and our scale figures stand on them just fine and look great. These are not wood, but a cardboad with a printed laminate, and assemble in a few hours as apposed to a few weeks. They are only $20 - $30 each and look and feel great for table top hobbies. Finally I can enjoy the ACW and U.S. Cavalry / Custer / Western themes for a very nominal investment in money and time.

These two Riverboats plus the other Blockade Runner in plastic will complete my ACW Navy, together with making my own Monitor Class and CSA Ironclads. It has always been the full size ships that have eluded me, but no longer.

BTW, the ships in this thread I'm recommending will work for Colonial Nile Boats for Khartoum, Soudan, Kitchener and Churchill also, not just Mississippi River Boats. They should make easy conversions.

Remember, I'm interested in my hobby to pack up in a box as a Playset at the end of a day. These fulfill my requirements. When my new Strelets figures arrive, I'll finish some of my fort and warship projects and learn how to post some pics so you can actually see what I'm trying to share with you. 1 picture is worth a 1,000 words, so I'll try! Anyway, that's all I've got for the immediate future being this summer. Links:

1. Riverboat / Paddlewheeler

2. Riverboat / Paddlewheeler