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Pickett's Retreat!

I really hope the bulk of this set is casualties! I don't see how it can not? The Confederate Skirmishers make for great rear guard troops, so no need there. A set of wounded soldiers dragging themselves back to their own lines. Other dead & dying soldiers to litter the field with.

This could even be a split set; 2 gray plastic sprues of Confederate casualties & 2 blue plastic sprues of Union troops taunting them, taking prisoners or casualties themselves.

The command sprue could be Pickett watching his shattered division return, A dejected Lee, A somber Longstreet, a casualty Pettigrew, who survived the charge only to perish in the rear guard action.

Re: Pickett's Retreat!

I think a dejected Lee on Traveller is a must for this set. Along with wounded soldiers helping others to the rear.Casualties too, and also a stunned George Picket figure. This Pickett's retreat is a great idea for a ACW set, it's never been done before and could provide a variety of scenarios for dioramists to do!! Good choice Strelets!!!!

Re: Pickett's Retreat!

I'm not entirely sure what direction Strelets will take with the "Picket's retreat" set, but I'm confident I'll await with open hands anything ACW related they bring out.

Re: Pickett's Retreat!


Re: Pickett's Retreat!

I'm excited for when Strelets starts showing us some Teaser pictures!