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Re: Would you pay a little more ?


Strelets can sell a whole extra box to people who want more command figures. Raw material cost minimal, so virtually all profit, and generates sales.

Re: Would you pay a little more ?

Dear Mark,

It's not about profit, really. It's about right proportions of command and rank and file.
Best regards,


Re: Would you pay a little more ?

Allan from Glasgow
Hi Guys

Would you pay a little more for your sets if all sprues had the command figures still attached this would give us extra command figures.

I believe this would be great for American Civil War and Napoleonic periods which require lots of command figures, any spares could be used to make stands at brigade/ Divisional level

My latest Prussian figures had 10 poses on 3 sprues with a fourth sprue having the ten poses and four command figures. i would love four of the later sprue and would pay the extra cost. what do you all think?

If Strelets is reading this what would be the chance of this becoming a reality.



PS Lovely new Russians cant wait to get my hands on them

Absolutely NOT. The old premium Strelets-R sets had every figure in a unique pose whereas the cheaper, great value, Strelets-Mini had 4 identical sprues. Now Strelets are cynically putting out Strelets-Mini sets with 3 of the 4 command groups chopped off and thrown in the bin and selling them as expensive Strelets-R! And you are suggesting we pay MORE for this scam???

I have this bridge in London over the Thames river you might want to buy...

Re: Would you pay a little more ?

Hi Steve,

You do realise I was posting a very civil questions to fellow collectors and to Strelets if they were seeing the original post.

I respect your right to comment on my question but please this a friendly forum that allows a lot of topics to be freely discussed without sarcastic comments about our points of view or your pretty poor view of strelets new format for producing figures at different stages of battle, which has been well received by many in the hobby.

Good luck with your collecting and have a nice day



P.s if your selling a bridge you might want to have a word with Boris he is always looking for a new project

Re: Would you pay a little more ?

Thank you, Allan, but my comments (politely phrased) stand. Grateful to read if you or Strelets have any substantive reply on the issues I raised?

Re: Would you pay a little more ?

Dear Mr. Strelets,

Re: Set STR180 Prussian Infantry Standing Shoulder Arms

From what previous forum people have highlighted is that in this set; three of the sprues have the two figures on the left and three figures on the right cut off or removed. So 1 Streltsi and 4 Prussians are lost from each sprue.

Q1a. So what do you (Mr. Strelets and/or manufacturer) do with those missing 15 figures?
Q1b. Do you just throw those cut off figures away?

Q2. Why don't you package those missing Prussian figures into another set/box? For example, for every four boxes of STR180 you manufacture, you would have 3x4x4= 48 Prussian command figures you could repackage and sell separately at the regular price.

The same philosophy could be used for other sets (including ACW) having "missing" or removed command figures...

Re: Would you pay a little more ?

Hi Steve.

most of the posters on this topic were in favour of this idea or suggested that they extra figures be sold as a seperate command pack.

If you take a moment to read Baratheons post it asked sensible well thought out questions of Strelets who we can hope will post a response.

On the subject of respect to others, calling the company that provides this space for us to discuss our hobby and who produces a wide range of figures which we have the pleasure of buying or not cynical or scammers is very poor in my opinion, and as we say in Scotland manners and good grace cost nothing.

On a final note lets all enjoy our collecting and buy as many or as few figures that makes us happy.

Have a nice day wherever you are and lets support our very niche hobby