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Re: New idea for future sets.

I think we now require mounted French Foreign Legion (also with mules), Chasseur D'Afrique (Colonial Wars) & Spanish Army re RIF war in order to close this war.

Also attention need to be given to the French Revolutionary Wars: Papal States, Emigres Army raised by French Aristocrats, Army of Russian General Alexander Suvorov, Danish Napoleonic Army & Haitian Revolt and dismounted Mamelukes.

Strelets thanks for the beautiful sets you are producing which are electrifying our dreams

Re: New idea for future sets.

I appreciate very much the qualities of your new figure sculpting which is rich on details and vivid variations of poses, but I have 3 special wishes after receiving the last Napoleonic and WW1-sets:

1) please rethink the lengths of your human arms - they have a tendency of shrinking forearms. Your human arms are mostly too short and should end a little bit above the knees and not already below pelvis!

2) and your human arms in great-coats are quite slim - broader arms make painters certainly more happy.

3) please produce figures with a minimum lenghts of 23 or 23.5 mm which makes diorama-builders work easier to combine different figure-sets