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Re: a lot of new planned sets - but no ancient

Graham Korn
The biggest gap for me is Byzantines, existing sets are utterly inadequate. I think people have a point with medieval India although not of personal interest. Redbox have covered a lot of East Asian subjects but I think there are quality issues.Obviously there are commercial issues and what would sell, I\'m not sure there is much interest in Korea or even China, might be wrong but that is my impression. Overall, I think late Byzantines would fill a big gap and might have a reasonable market, certainly be a different enemy from Anglo-Saxons for your lovely Normans.
The RedBox ones are "not old enough". Meaning they are early modern. For sure they can be used for at least end of medieval era, but that's all.
I'm talking about armies under personalities like Sun Bin and Ban Chao and stuff like from Mao Yuanyi: Wǔbèi Zhì, Jiao Yu and Liu Bowen: Huǒ Lóng Jīng, Zeng Gongliang: Wǔ Jīng Zǒng Yào, Chou Mi: Kuei hsin tsa-chih, Qing: Bīng jì zhǐ zhǎng túshuō, Qi Jiguang: Jixiao Xinshu and at last Lin Yu: Wuyue Beishi.

Byzanthines - okay, but then nomads which arrived in the west would be good enemies, and these nomads would need chinese armies to repell them, so they travelled to the west :wink: .

Re: a lot of new planned sets - but no ancient


with all due respect, there are plenty of various sets for all of these periods.
There's little sense in repeating what's been done already.

Best regards,

Apologies in advance, Strelets, and with all due respect to your wonderful product of which I have lots, subjects such as Napoleonic British and French, American Civil War, WW1 French and WW2 Japanese have been extremely well covered in the past by others so this comes across as somewhat ironic given that you are pumping out the very same in large volume.

What attracted me originally to Strelets was this mission statement on your homepage: "Strelets*R was founded in 1998 to fill the gaps in the figure market that had previously had to be filled with conversions by collectors themselves"

Of course, I don't run a figure company and have any commercial pressures in that area so what do I know? Caesar seem to have adopted a business model of producing masses of WW2 Germans for the uncritical nazi fan-boy market to finance other more esoterical subjects such as their nice Ming Dynasty Infantry so perhaps that works?

Re: a lot of new planned sets - but no ancient

I'd also love to see 13th century Chinese Song Dynasty, Korean Koryo Dynasty and Japanese Kamakura era (very different to the 16th-17th era covered by others) sets none of which have been done before.

Also agree about the abandoned War of 1812 line - would like US Dragoons, Scott's Infantry Brigade, Canadian Voltigeurs and Royal Marines in trousers.

Re: a lot of new planned sets - but no ancient

I would be interested in every ancient/medieval topic.

Sometimes there are new surprising sets/eras, I had ever thought ... and afterwards I like to collect and buy.

One big gap is (already mentioned) Byzantines (e.g. early = Justinian, middle = around 8/9/10 th century, later and late ...)

I'm still hoping to get Roman (imperial and republican) command sets (even big box 907 provide some nice figures). But with the large amount of Imperial Roman Sets I would buy command sets in a large number!

... and what I also like to see is an expansion of the punic war range with hellenistic troups (Macedonian (Philip V), Seleucides (Antiochos III), etc., infantry, cavalry, elephants, ...)

Re: a lot of new planned sets - but no ancient

By the way, are there any roman onagers on the market? Would be nice to have, but i don't find any catapult which is maximum human size.

If there is non, maybe Strelets could make a set of onagers with crew?

Re: a lot of new planned sets - but no ancient

Strelets makes a couple of Ancient style artillery sets for consideration:

Set A009

Set A010

Re: a lot of new planned sets - but no ancient

If you are in Britain, there is an ebay seller doing 3d prints of onagers, ballistas, testudos and other things. Look up 1/72 roman 3d on ebay

Re: a lot of new planned sets - but no ancient

Thanks Garrison and Michael,

well the figures of the two Strelets Sets are quite good - just the catapults are not the style and also to big for my purpose.
Are they available on the market? (Haven't looked right now...)

I'm not in Britain, but i'll look it up and maybe i nevertheless can get them.