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New idea for future sets.

What do people think of the idea of sets based on Henry Morgan's raids against the Spanish Main?
Buccaneers, Spainish troops, and civilians to be plundered.

Re: New idea for future sets.

Would be funny.

A few pirates which are more engaged and dedicated to the main pirate-business would be good.

Re: New idea for future sets.

Sounds good I would also love a 1:72 scale ship for that period and be able to create a good diorama of a beach attack. I would also love someone to make small scale rowing boats to recreate scenes from the movie North West Passage starring Spencer Tracy, where rogers rangers attack the French and Indians by dragging their boats across swamps.

We can never have too many ideas keep them coming



Re: New idea for future sets.

I would like to see the peak capped Hanoverian troops from the Napoleonic wars you can get metal figures from Perry I think but non in plastic.
I know its a easy conversion but I am just lazy
(Sorry to you non Nappy fans as you have had enough to put up with already)

Re: New idea for future sets.

I think we now require mounted French Foreign Legion (also with mules), Chasseur D'Afrique (Colonial Wars) & Spanish Army re RIF war in order to close this war.

Also attention need to be given to the French Revolutionary Wars: Papal States, Emigres Army raised by French Aristocrats, Army of Russian General Alexander Suvorov, Danish Napoleonic Army & Haitian Revolt and dismounted Mamelukes.

Strelets thanks for the beautiful sets you are producing which are electrifying our dreams

Re: New idea for future sets.

I appreciate very much the qualities of your new figure sculpting which is rich on details and vivid variations of poses, but I have 3 special wishes after receiving the last Napoleonic and WW1-sets:

1) please rethink the lengths of your human arms - they have a tendency of shrinking forearms. Your human arms are mostly too short and should end a little bit above the knees and not already below pelvis!

2) and your human arms in great-coats are quite slim - broader arms make painters certainly more happy.

3) please produce figures with a minimum lenghts of 23 or 23.5 mm which makes diorama-builders work easier to combine different figure-sets