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Russian infantry

PSR announced plenty of new sets, including Napoleonic Russian infantry for summer and winter, I'm absolutely delighted by this great news (if confirmed) I really need much more russian soldiers in overcoats !!!

212 - Russian Infantry on the March
214 - Russian Infantry in Overcoats on the March
217 - Russian Infantry Standing Order Arms
219 - Russian Infantry in Overcoats Standing Order Arms

I already ordered all the latest sets of old guard and French infantry ( not to forget some WWII japanese and ACW) and will also buy plenty of russians when released.:smile:

There's no hurry because painting them will take time, but you should think about adding gunners in overcoat for french and russian artillery too ! because we will have cavalry (already available for long) and infantry for winter, but no artillery yet ! just a wish :wink:

Any attaking set will also be welcome ! marching figures (or at ease) are great but for wargames we mostly represent the battle and firing lines are needed too.

Re: Russian infantry

Starlets continue to 'spoil' us!

Re: Russian infantry

Hi james,

This madness needs to stop, I have just bought 50 boxes of Napoleonic's from Drum and Flag, I then did my usual daily visit to plastic Soldier Review to see that i will need to sell my left kidney hopefully just before Christmas for sets listed on the sides of boxes just released.

I also agree that we really do need artillery sets (foot and horse), to go with all of these great new sets.

Strelets is keeping up its end of the deal so hopefully the more ideas we give them the greater the chance of them being produced

I would also love to see sets with troops advancing muskets lowered to waist level and the final stage of firing muskets phase, I assume like many others I dont mix companies figures so that final step is missing from the strelets range in many of the newer sets

just waiting for the postie now and planning how to get them past the family perhaps I can send them to the garden centre lol.



Re: Russian infantry

(That was supposed to read 'Strelets' in my previous, d@mned autocorrect!)

Isn't this such a marvellous 'problem' to have Allan?!

I'll let you fellas make the suggestions. I would not have requested any of the sets that Strelets have produced but love them all and those that are scheduled. Who knows what they will come up with next?!

I have two big orders on the way and Strelets now makes up 18% of my collection, nudging ahead of Airfix and now only just behind Hat at 24%. Won't be long before they move to the no. 1 position and I'll be cheering all the way! :joy:

Happy collecting (hiding) and painting to you too!


Re: Russian infantry

James, starlets like Strelets cost us some money but we like that a lot for sure ! :smile: :joy:

about action pose, it's a good idea Allan to add advancing muskets lowered to waist level !:+1:

I will add to my wish list reloading muskets poses and also some walls of bayonets (standing) when infantry protect themselves against cavalry charge.

Re: Russian infantry

It sure is James. most of my collection used to Hat, Esci and Airfix but in the last few years I have bought hundreds of strelets sets with very little from others. I did get some of Waterloo 1815 sets but they have been very quiet lately.

Redbox are looking good and hopefully will do French to match the recent Russians. Hopefully other company's will get new sets out this year.

We really do need more artillery as the esci and airfix sets are really dated, Strelets do some nice gun crew poses for later periods but seem to have avoided them from their most profitable period but we can live in hope.

Its been a great day big order placed and got a premium bond win in the post first in twenty years of owning them can you guess where its going lol



Re: Russian infantry

I try to mix different companies' output together when the style matches - minor (and even major) variations in poses such as firing can add life to a scenario. Where there is too much difference... well, I can always set them up as a new formation elsewhere on the board. These new sets are more than welcome and I hope to add them to my existing formations of Airfix (though many of these are being "retired" with honor - just meaning they won't be used as often), Zvezda, Italeri, Waterloo, HaT - and others. Great job.


... a thought on yet another possibility for future figures.

I'm painting some Airfix and Italeri French to add three more Vistula Legion regiments to the first that I did some years back. Makes me think that these famous troops, who served in Spain, Bavaria/Austria, Russia and Germany/France from 1808–14, have not been done in our scale and could well do with the 'Strelets treatment'.

A painting conversion of French line improvises but does not capture the special elements of their uniform from the sunburst plate on the shako*, kurta, Hessian boots (or knee-length gaiters), distinctive short plumes and epaulettes for the gren. and volt. companies, pompom and shoulder straps for the fusiliers, fore and aft hat for officers and distinctive colpack, apron and long trousers (or pants and boots similar to the other troops) for the sappers.

(*Possibly a czapka for grenadiers in later years, although there seems to be much uncertainty.)

Anyway, we could all go on and on as there are endless options for Napoleonic troops (and, in deference to Alan Buckingham, other periods too!) and I'm sure that Strelets will continue to deliver some beauties for us.

Have a grand weekend all, whatever you have left of it,


p.s. I agree Wayne, mixing similar figures from different manufacturers produces excellent variety in wargaming units too.

Re: Although...

Not Bavaria/Austria of course. Getting a little carried away there...!