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Re: Civilians as a new line.

I don't know how well they would sell but I would certainly like to see them. Obviously 20th century would be good. A thought that has just occurred to me, but this might not play to Strelets' expertise, but what about a set where all the figures have two sets of arms? One set empty handed or carrying civilian items and the other set carrying weapons. This would be great for refugees in non-combatant mode but with weapons could be resistance,revolutionaries or VBCW. As for other eras, I would love to see medieval, particularly women and children. Picking up on my earlier ideas about armed and unarmed, you probably wouldn't need to have separate arms as figures using farming tools could be posed in such a way that they could also pass as fighting figures. I reckon there would also be demand for European civilians for 19th, 18th and 17th century, not sure about other periods and cultures - North African/middle Eastern might be popular, especially as they could cover hundreds of years as clothing has changed as much as it has in Europe.

Re: Civilians as a new line.

Good idea Graham, the extra arms idea would work for military sets too. HaT have made some good sets with the choice of extra poses.

Re: Civilians as a new line.

Dear friends,

Not for me. I prefer the limited resources of the military firms develop military Subjects.

There are urban or refugees scenarios with no doubt but this is an even more limited niche in our hobby.

I understand you but for having 20 civilians in a XX century escenario you can manage with some of the partisans set or the railway figures.

It’s only my personal opinion but I would not buy.

Re: Civilians as a new line.

This is something I have always said..civilians are sorely needed,Roman's and Greeks have them ???
So why not everyone else,there has always been civilians involved as bystanders,scouts,helpers ,camp followers, most times handled the other duties not fulfilled by combat.
It would be like not having cavalry or mobile forces with your infantry...they go together

Re: Civilians as a new line.

The "fill the gap syndrome" again
Not my thing I prefer the increassing quality way, like Strelets have done with old subjects like the British colonials or Boers
Just my point of view

Re: Civilians as a new line.

As someone who likes dioramas, I've always yearned for someone to produce civilians. Not just as 'collateral damage' but as walking refugees, bystanders, workers (on land and industrial).
They would sell to Model Railway enthusiasts too.
Particularly WWI and WWII as a start. But the need for indigenous peoples is apparent especially if Strelets produce a French & Indian War range.
Under the Tag Linear A & B we have Roman civilians. (I have some) How well do they sell?
Unfortunately model Railway enthusiasts have a different scales and none are 1/72.

00 Gauge
scale 1:76 The most popular model rail scale in the UK. The figures would have to be much smaller to be suitable 20-21mm.

H0 Gauge
scale 1:87 H0 Gauge is the most widely used gauge outside the UK.

N Gauge scale 1:160 (Europe/US) gauge 9mm

Re: Civilians as a new line.

Preiser offer many civilian figures in 1/72 scale, among them a set of figures of the 1920s, and a few sets of WWII figures, including refugees. Check it out ...,1:72