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Re: New Line in 2019?

Indian Mutiny for me, please. The only thing that would tempt me to start a new collection.

Re: New Line in 2019?

Indian Mutiny for me too as a first choice, but how about the Monmouth rebellion 1685 , figures would also work for the battle of the Boyne campaign in Ireland too.

Re: New Line in 2019?

I'll also vote for the French & Indian War Mohawks, Iroquois and Rogers Rangers.

Also, on the topic of Indians, a dream set would be Apaches to fight your U.S. Cavalry or ACW Cavalry. The only decent set of existing Apaches out there are Atlantic, but they are seriously undersized.

Thank you in advance!

Re: New Line in 2019?

FIW would get my vote. I don't think the War of 1812 was properly finished off, the only Napoleonic era theatre that I would ever be interested in.

Re: New Line in 2019?

My vote also for Indian Mutiny. Famous colonial conflict not yet covered by plastic figures 1/72

Re: New Line in 2019?

Strelets constantly demonstrates that supposedly oversupplied areas (Napoleonics or WWII for example) can still cope with further expansions when tackled cleverly & sophisticatedly.

While the abovementioned threads effectively illustrate how much more could be done for popular subjects, there is indeed a plethora of yet overlooked or inadequately covered eras & conflicts.

Antiquity & Early Middle Ages
- expanding Classical + Diadochi Greeks & Enemies
- expanding Late Rome & Enemies
- Byzantine Empire & Enemies (from 330 until 1453 AD, spanning over several periods)

Kabinettskriege & other distinctive conflicts of this era
- expanding Great Northern War 1700-21 + subsequent Russo-Swedish Wars 1741–43 & 1788–90
- War of Spanish Succession 1701-14
- War of Quadruple Alliance 1718-20
- War of Polish Succession 1733-35
- War of Austrian Succession 1740-48
- expanding Seven Years War 1754-63 (including French & Indian War of course)
- expanding American Revolutionary War 1775–83
- Austro and/or Russian–Turkish Wars 1735–39, 1768–74 & 1788–91

Asymmetrical conflicts during the Age of Imperialism
- expanding Boxer Rebellion 1899-1901
- expanding French Imperialism (from mid 19th to early 20th century):
Second French Intervention in Mexico, Conquest of Tunisia, Mandingo Wars, Madagascar Expeditions, Tonkin Campaign & Sino-French War, Franco-Dahomean Wars, Conquest of Morocco & Zaian War, numerous pre- & post-WWI revolts in North & West Africa, Indochina & the Levant
- Russian expansion & conquest of Central Asia, "The Great Game"
- Second Opium War
- Italian campaigns in Lybia & Somaliland/Ethiopia

Industrial Warfare (from early stages till first peak)
- editing Crimean War 1853-56
- expanding American Civil War 1861-65
- Wars of German Unification
Second Schleswig War 1864
Austro-Prussian War 1866
Franco-Prussian War 1870-71
- Third Italian War of Independence 1866
- Third Carlist War 1872-76
- Russo-Turkish War 1877–78
- Spanish–American War 1898
- Russo-Japanese War 1904–05
- Mexican Revolution 1910-20
- Italo-Turkish War 1911-12
- Balkan Wars 1912-13
- expanding World War I
- Russian Civil War 1917–22
- Polish–Soviet War 1919–21
- Greco-Turkish War 1919–22

further 20th century conflicts
- Spanish Civil War 1936-39
- Second Sino-Japanese War 1937-45
- expanding World War II
- Indochina War 1946-54 & subsequent Vietnam War 1955-75
- Arab–Israeli conflicts from 1948 onwards
- Korean War 1950-53

In some cases generic era-typical figures could overlap several conflicts, otherwise a few sets of specific figures would be required.
Any venture into one of these interesting subjects would be greatly appreciated. :+1:

Way to go! :sweat_smile:

Re: New Line in 2019?

I asked both Strelets and Hat about covering the French and Indian War last year and at the time it was a no from both. Maybe one day, once every obscure regiment from the Napoleonic range has been completed in every sitting/standing/running/marching/eating pose...

As long as plastics continue to be made in 1/72 then that's what matters!

Re: New Line in 2019?

Strelets seemed to indicate that it was one of the periods put forward by John at the beginning of this thread . I would be grateful for any one of them to be covered by strelets !! Still no 1 out there for me , don’t see any other manufacturers coming close at the moment . Cheers AlexM

Re: New Line in 2019?

Would love any of these eras or conflicts ...
But once again would love to see some civilians to go with these sets as there was always civilians involved with the armies or even as bystanders ?
And pack animals !!!!all sides used pack animals to haul stuff in or out of combat zones loads could even be generic useful for more than one side or era???

Medical units ,supply echelon much like the ruga rugas again generically done as Teamsters,carrying boxes buckets poles etc
All of these participated in every conflict named,

Re: New Line in 2019?

I like the French and Indian War idea. Also Mycenians, Battle of the Boyne, and troops to
fighht all the Turkish troops now available - Hungarians, Vlad Dracula, Janos Hunyadi.

Re: New Line in 2019?

NW frontier tribesmen are an obvious choice for the Strelets treatment, as irregulars from Arabia show. And, as long as the firearms aren’t too modern, could stand in for many a conflict / Great Game.