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Re: US gun

Hello Alan, Strelets have made the (unusual) subject of the FFL in North Africa WWII. So it would be in their remit to make the LRDG. It would be of great interest to me as my father was in the LRDG.

Re: US gun

The US 105mm howitzer M2A1 a. k. a. M101 has been done by Ace in plastic and by several cottage manufacturers in metal and probably resin too, what is lacking is a decent quickbuild kit in styrene with crew.

I like the idea of having two crew sets, one for hot zones (like Asia, Tunesia, southern Italy, Vietnam) and one for temperate zones (like Normandy, NW Europe, Korea). Just don't make them in greatcoats as working the guns is hot work as they say.

Re: US gun

Good call for more & improved WWII US artillery pieces & crews in particular. :+1:

Available 1/72 plastic-kits:
37mm AT-Gun M3 = S-Model & Hasegawa (both w/ jeep)
57mm AT-Gun M1 = PSC (w/ british crew)
3inch AT-Gun M5 = ACE
40mm AA-Gun Bofors = Zvezda & FtF (w/ british or polish crew)
75mm Pack Howitzer M1 = Waterloo (w/ US crew)
105mm Howitzer M2A1 = ACE
155mm Howitzer M1918 (Schneider) = ACE
155mm Howitzer M1918MI (GPF) = RPM & Strelets (w/ WWI french crew)
155mm Field Gun M1 "Long Tom" = Hasegawa

The Hasegawa kits are rather outdated and the PSC gun is oversimplified.
Extremely thin when it comes to adequate crews.

Actually utilised WWII ordnance still missing in 1/72:
37mm AA-Gun M1
90mm AA-Gun M1 & M2
155mm Howitzer M1 & 4.5inch Field Gun M1 (almost identical)*
155mm Field Gun M1 "Long Tom" (improved kit)
8inch Howitzer M1
240mm Howitzer M1

Not sure how successful kits of heavy artillery sell? Light & medium pieces seem the best option to equally attract modellers, gamers & collectors.
* = Toxso offers a modernised Vietnam version (M114A1) of the howitzer

The following pieces saw widespread use and a good many served in numerous post-WWII conflicts (Korea, Indochina & Vietnam, Arab-Israeli Wars, Iran-Iraq War, Yugoslav Wars, ...), in many cases modernised variants though:
105mm Howitzer M2A1
155mm Field Gun M1 "Long Tom"
155mm Howitzer M1
8inch Howitzer M1

So far for the hardware.
Agreeing with others that two good sets of US gunners would be more than welcome.
Preferably one set appropriate for light or medium field guns in warm climate (Pacific & Mediterranean 1941-45) and another for NW Europe 1944/45.
If cleverly done some figures could be used for Korea & Vietnam as well. :+1: