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Re: PSR?

Graham Korn
Ditto. Go to site every morning. As is Strelets. Does anybody use Hat anymore! I don\'t find its format very attractive or user friendly and I did find its prohibition of discussion of other companies sets inhibiting. It\'s a shame as I think Hat did a brilliant job in helping to usher in the golden age we now live in. Perhaps it\'s because Strelets\'forum is so lively and Strelets is so communicative and responsive that Hat seem almost unfriendly to their customers nowadays.
From my point of view (I studied media communications and interactive graphic communications) they both have some advantages and disadvantages in their customer/presentation/communication/business - policy or the lack of it. They both could/should improve in some of them.

That being said, I'm thankful to both of them for keeping that steamer still rolling.

Re: PSR?

I visit HaT every time I go on model sites. Not every day as I have a busy life. (Mature student, Sculptor, modelmaker and classic car restorer amongst other things.) When I can I look at HaT, PSR, Strelets, W.D., and GPM.

Re: PSR?

Graham, that was my impression as well for some time but the atmosphere has improved as well as the pace of developing new sets. Well worth a visit now I think.

Not idea what happened between the two companies but as you say they do no longer seem to tolerate mentioning each other. No problem though with (briefly) referring to any third.