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Re: Have a nice week-end, gentlemen!

Having had another look, and the water bottle is I have decided a red herring, this is if I am not mistaken Strelets first foray in the the world of sport, gentlemen I give you wicket keeper and first slip.....:-)

Re: Have a nice week-end, gentlemen!

Alan Buckingham
I confess to not having a clue as to what they are ? :laughing:
I don\\\'t know either but I see African features on that figures face. looking at the clothing my first thought was ACW but it could be Boer War/Colonial. Conversion potential either way.
The figure does look like he could be a negro Union soldier...and his canteen does look like the M1858 type? I\'m hoping these figures are from an upcoming ACW 54th Massachusetts union infantry set!
The canteen is on the wrong side maybe it's something else.
Love teasers like this... and the irregular look of this sculpts. Although not finished yet and hard to see in detail because of low-res pics, they give us nonetheless some clues.

First is the question if those two sculpts belong to the same set. If so, then they are confirming even more the irregular nature of this set. They seem to me like part of an artillery crew or like they are manning something. It's hard to identify the headgear from the sculpt on the left and if he is wearing a short jacket or a shirt tucked into trousers, but he has shoes on his feet. Not so with the men on the right. His barefoot. The only gear he has on him is a canteen, which is hard to identify and looks quite generic. He's wearing a jacket which hasn't been finished, so we can't see the positioning of the buttons and exact cut of the jacket. He seems to give impression of being of African heritage but then he seems to be sporting big mustaches and is maybe still waiting for his headgear to be added.

At this point, could fit nearly anywhere into mid-late 19th Century. All in all a set, I'm really looking forward to its further development.

Re: Have a nice week-end, gentlemen!

Here's hoping we'll see some new ACW sets this year! My armies and credit card are standing by!