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Re: Brunswickers

I thought the Brunswickers deserved their very own forum thread after seeing Strelets excellent masters of the Leib Battalion I would like to see a mix of Line/Light Infantry Shako's as well.

As Strelets do not usually do spare Shakos but do make a large selection of poses I thought they would consider making figures wearing Line/Light Infantry Shako's of which there are two basic types some of which could be covered.

I have to agree, the Leib Battalion has already been covered with minimal chance of conversion. As there were six times as many troops wearing a shako with woollen plume rather than drooping horse hair surely it would be more beneficial to the hobby to cover the line and light troops?

Re: Brunswickers

I agree. The leib battaljon has been covered, as are the 'gelernte Jaeger'(hunters who could read and write believe it or not) Regular line infantry has not been covered. It would be a nice in the not too distant future Friday surprise to have them as well.

Re: Brunswickers

... 'gelernte Jaeger'(hunters who could read and write believe it or not) ...

Sorry to interrupt, but the online dictionary must have got it wrong.

gelernte Jäger = trained/skilled huntsmen :white_check_mark:
gelehrte Jäger = erudite/wise huntsmen :negative_squared_cross_mark:

Tried pretty hard to imagine a battalion of highly educated riflemen during the "Sturm auf Halberstadt" 1809. :joy:

As for more Brunswickers, yes please! :wink: :+1: