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Japanese Type 98-20 mm AA/AT Gun

First of all thanks Strelets for this add to ww2 Japanese.
My concern (again) by looking at the pictures, is that the gun looks small not correct might be giving a wrong impression.

As for the Japanese Type 96 AA/AT Gun set where the Gun was to small.

I suggest Strelets to have a closer look at it, it's a pitty because i would (and i think many of us) buying more set of it if the sizes are correct.....but for the moment being, all "Gun" sets, i just bought one set each..

Just a suggestion.


Re: Japanese Type 98-20 mm AA/AT Gun

I think the problem may be that the length of the barrel (1.4m for 70cal wikapeadia give this measurement) has been taken as the length of the entire weapon, when this doesn't include the breech and flash supressor etc, same problem I think with the other weapons...
It may work for the Type 93 13.2mm on tripod with some alterations instead...

I hope this error hasn't been made with the French guns..:wink:

Re: Japanese Type 98-20 mm AA/AT Gun

The barrel is definitively too short. If the rest of the gun is to scale, most should be able to live with that - a longer barrel can be drafted from rod or needle, and if you need a sturdy wargaming representation you can leave the gun as is.