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Re: Ist's Friday

James Fisher
Braunschweig at attention (well, shoulder arms), sans packs. Like 'em.
More Napoleonics always bring a smile to my dial--sorry Alan!:grinning:
James, it`s OK , I have a soft spot of the Duke and his lads in Black, still would have been happier with some more Boer war stuff though :smile:

Re: Ist's Friday

Nice looking Brunswick figures it would be great if you could produce some of the other minor Napoleonic nations like Bavarians, Wurttemberg, Saxony, Nassau.
I know you have a lot of Napoleonic sets lined up I believe its at about 20 expected sets already but you could release just a marching set from one of the above nations & see how popular they would be before making other sets thanks in advance.:wink:

Re: Ist's Friday

Hi Strelets,

thank you for posting the pics of the latest Prussians I am very pleased with how they look, can I also say how lovely the brunswick masters are.