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Re: Summer french

Graham Korn
Like most other people I immediately thought of SCW rather than WWI, which is interesting and might suggest that Strelets ought to think again about not wanting to cover the SCW.
Until that day comes... but thankfully we still have the option of a very good 1/72 scale metal range from Minairons.

Re: Summer french

Since these figures look so good, I welcome any ideas how to use them.

Happy for anything SCW, but I still have to see International Brigades all in puttees and immaculate uniforms? I would love to, since this would make all sorts of conversions easier, so any pointers would be most welcome.

I like the idea of 1914 Chasseurs Alpins. Thought about Chasseurs a pied but unfortunately they seem to have worn the greatcoat.

In 1940, French NCOs, FFL and some colonial troops seem to have worn this uniform (the latter two with different headgear). Other ranks seem have worn it very rarely.

Re: Summer french

They could also be used as the Chasseurs Cylistes. For the early period the head swaps with those that wear french kepis, for the later period they'll do as they are. The bicycles can be obtained from HäT bicycle sets already released. If you feel adventurous, you can even try to make them wear those folded on their backs.



Re: Summer french

Many thanks AP for taking your time to post these very nice images.

I thought of cyclists, but found the existing sets of everybody cycling a bit monotone. Cyclists prone behind their bike, or indeed advancing on foot with their bikes on their backs would be an intersting addition. Since I doubt there will be a set of those, I might give a conversion a try.