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Re: Lee rifle

Mad Carew
The best 1/72nd news in years!

Great to have a Boer war set of infantry but I assume that this is Slade Wallace equipment and that, at this scale, there's no discernable difference between a Lee Enfield of the period and a Lee Metford?

Assuming so, this is a great set of infantry for the North West Frontier, and would complement the HaT Indian infantry and Bengal Lancers.

I'd love to see some new Highlanders of this period in due course.

And bring on the Pathans!
The Lee Metford is quite distinct from the Enfield due to the half round fore stock and conventional protruding muzzle vs the full round hand guard and "snub nose" appearance of the L.E.

IMHO this would be quite noticeable at 1/72, given the superlative standard of sculpting in these new figures

Re: New British Infantry - Bravo Strelets!

Brilliant figures and yes cant wait for boers as well ,cavalry, artillery,civilians,medical,pack animals,in English as well ,as native and allied contingents for both sides !!!!!

Re: New British Infantry - Bravo Strelets!

Excellent figures, very well sculpted. Good, lively poses well thought out. Wonderful old
photos too.