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Re: It certainly is Friday !

Dear Strelets, I shan't need a lot of generals but I will need lots of their supports.
But looking at the standard of sculpting I can't think of anything better to spend my money on.
Thanks for the pictures. Have a great weekend

Re: It certainly is Friday !

Dear Murat,

surely, this one won't greatly affect your wallet, since you won't need a battalion of generals:

Have a nice week-end!

Best regards,

Now it's not often I get emotional anout napoleonic generals but

Re: It`s.................Friday !




Re: It`s.................Friday !

Is that a Brunswick sapper I see nice!

Re: It`s.................Friday !


He is a brunswick sapper of a flank company!

The general looks russian..


Re: It`s.................Friday !

It’s as if it is ya birthday every month with Strelets, Don’t they look marvellous?
What’s more are the extra, ultra sneak-peaks of another type of figure beside each of these previews.
As we say down here, ‘noice!’