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Re: Reserves your money, New stocks coming !?

Thank you Strelets,

looks like my birthday will be a very happy one, do you have any pics for your Prussian Infantry Standing Shoulder Arms I cant to seem to find them on your website.

thanks in advance


Re: Reserves your money, New stocks coming !?

I have heard that Haron was to make Byzantine cavalry 6 years ago. I wish Strelets to continue this subject.

Re: Reserves your money, New stocks coming !?

Let's make it interesting and have a punt.

I'll take the easy way and go for the lot.

So, the Napoleonic 'bonanza' of:
173 - French Line Infantry on the March 1
181 - Old Guard on the March
199 - Highlanders Standing Shoulder Arms
202 - British Infantry Standing Shoulder Arms
206 - Austrian Grenadiers Winter Shoulder Arms
220 - French Line Infantry on the March 2
223 - French Line Infantry In Overcoats At Ease

along with
188 - Pom-Pom Gun with Boer Crew
189 - Pom-Pom Gun with British Crew
190 - Mounted Rif Rebels
192 - French Foreign Legion Desert Patrol
M134 WWI French Infantry in Summer dress

That'd be another big release of 12 sets.

A wonderful mid-year delight for us, but who knows, Strelets may have some more surprises up their sleeves!