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Re: Excellent Boer War photo material

Dear AP & Strelets Team,

I've spent the first couple of hours of my day going through the colourized photos of the Boer Commandos again! They are amazing. What strikes me especially are the details - that you can actually see the veins standing out on the backs of the men's hands. And also, the very strong stare in their eyes towards the cameraman. To me, it feels like they are in the room here with me - staring into my eyes. They are so life-like, just as if we were in the pictures back in time with them. A little weird and maybe too heavy, I know, but you have to admit still just amazing!

*** To AP: If you find or are aware of the same kind of photo references, or colourized photos or sites for the British side of this war like these, please let us know or post the links here. ***

*** To Strelets

I. (Boer Famous Personalities): I hope you make another set of Boer Commandos which includes some famous personalities based off these colourized photos. Hopefully some in action poses; they don't all have to be just sitting for the camera, and list their names on the box if possible.

II. (British Pith Helmet Neck Curtains): Here is a link to a painting of "The Battle of Spion Kop" where there are at least 5 good details of British Pith Helmets with the Neck Curtain attached to their helmets. Of course I like the look, but also it makes it easy to use these men for "The Battle of Omdurman" beyond the Boer War.


III. (British Famous Personalities) A set of Famous Personalities also for this side. ****

I guess lastly, as I sign off, I want to repeat how amazing it is that I can look at these photos, and also have our Strelets' Team's figures including the Long Tom cannon sitting on my computer stand in front of me just begging to be picked up, admired and relive a little of history again, knowing that it is only going to get better soon.

Thank you Strelets' Team and AP!

Re: Excellent Boer War photo material

Dear Strelets,

< > has a very nice listing/summary of the First Anglo-Boer War and Second Anglo-Boer War at the top, right corner of each entry. It includes dates, opposing sides, commanders, armies, etc. You may know this already, but if not it does have a listing of the famous commanders for each side. It's a good resource to double-check if you wanted to sculpt some famous personalities.

And of course < > has nice executive summaries of the individual battles of each war.

Both resources I enjoy reading if I need quick information. - GC