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Re: Spanish Civil War Fighters ?

Thanks, Pa, that's a really great tutorial for that conversion of their "75" to the Schneider-Canet export version you found (I have 3 sets!). Not seen that article before - strange it doesn't seem to be included in the links under the section for their French "75" set where I'd expect to find it Perhaps I'm missing some part of their site???

I think if that was the version used in Spain then it becomes an extremely convoluted Schneider-Canet-Trubia (any more to add? ;) ) adaption!

As I understand it the Panzer Garage conversion set includes both the F2F kit plus the PG resin shield but language barriers and a confusing website (for me at least) mean I can't confirm it. All I can say is look at the different photos on that link and it includes pics of the painted gun with the resin shield attached and the 3rd shows the F2F sprue with the light-coloured resin shield to the top left. Their website is SO poor that I can't even send an easy link to the photos I'm talking about and had to take a screenshot for my own use. I'm not their employee to do advertising for them so they will have to get informed if they want to sell more.

Re: Spanish Civil War Fighters ?

Steve, glad you liked the article. The author, Brennan Tate, did about three more including one on improving the Airfix 13pdr, well worth a google search.

I see the image of the Panzer Garage gunshield, looks like an easy conversion. Need to investigate a bit further. Serbia used those guns as well in WW1, and since I am building a Serbian army around Strelets' excellent infantry set, I am tempted to buy further Schneider Canet guns.

What do you think, would the Panzer Garage (or Bandera) guns work for Serbian, Greek, or Bulgarian Schneider Canet guns as well? Regards, Pa

Re: Spanish Civil War Fighters ?

Dear Georges,

we ain't planning to venture into this area yet.
Please, be guided accordingly.

Best regards,


Re: Spanish Civil War Fighters ?

So sad !:disappointed:

About another subject : is there any chance to see this year M091 "Caesar in Battle II" and M115 "Napoleonic French Sappers" both "In Preparation" for so long ?

Re: Spanish Civil War Fighters ?

Not in 2019.

Re: Spanish Civil War Fighters ?

Would love to see some and great suggestions from Pa

Re: Spanish Civil War Fighters ?

The upcoming Boer set, just like the WW1 French in summer uniform, could double as SCW troops:

The M138 Boers have a militia flavour. If you cannot find the BUM Milita set, and don't want the male or female militia metals from Minairons, just add some heads with isabellino sidecap (also vailable from Minairons) to the Boers and voila!