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Re: FRIDAY EYE CANDY?👁️🍬 (Whoops, posted at the same time: Thank Gawd it's (Teaser) Frida

Well, for Friday's Teaser picture(s) I'm hoping for more Colonial British Infantry with Pith Foreign Service Helmet with Neck Curtains I can use for Boer War, Boxer Rebellion, Sudan, Afghanistan, India, Khartoum ... . I'm not seeing it listed in Strelets Online Catalogue anywhere, so I'm assuming it will be listed under "Colonial" theme.

I sure liked what I saw of the Pom Pom Gun with Highlander Crew. Wow, what great looking Masters, and the above too. :four_leaf_clover: Here is a four-leaf clover to bring me good luck.

By the way, Strelets, just loving the recently released Foreign Legion and Boer and British Artillery. Great quality.

Thanking you in advance :relaxed: (This face has an extra big smile)

Re: FRIDAY EYE CANDY?👁️🍬 (Whoops, posted at the same time: Thank Gawd it's (Teaser) Frida

I am happy to see any new figures you want to show us Mr Strelets but would understand if you are too busy getting the next batch of releases ready for us.:smiling_imp:


Rumors say that the Strelets team has been busy... they have been spotted multiple times patrolling the streets of Moscow. Here is even some evidence material...