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Collecting (Strelets) Crimean War Range

Strelets CRIMEAN WAR RANGE is my first complete collection. I could not find a single set that did not warrant purchasing. The "Out of the box colors" are perfect for me - a Playset type Collector - and painted up are even better - Just feast your eyes on the great painting work Anthony Kitchen did on his Crimean War Collection of Strelets figures Contribution.

Why is now arguably the best time to buy the Collection?

FIRST: Buy the Big Boxes first. You can save money on the bundle and got those rare Personality Sets only available in them, plus get a few single sets included already and not duplicate purchases. Available prices are at their lowest.

SECOND: The Crimean War Range has everything - Multiple Cavalries, Infantries, Artillery, Camp life, Famous Personalities, Casualties, Colours ... Truly Soft Plastic.

BUT REMEMBER: Strelets figures are limited run. They will sell out. They will be gone forever. So get yours together while you still can. Because when you discover you are too late ... (Sgt. Dajineau of Beau Geste fame said it best) ... "Nothing in (eternity) could be less pleasant - I promise you!"

Re: Collecting (Strelets) Crimean War Range

I don't have all the Crimean War sets but I do own a fair number of them. It's great what Strelets did with their Crimean Range, they took the time to really cover this conflict comprehensively when other manufacturers barely even touched it aside from some Charge of the Light Brigade sets.