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Re: Foreign Legion Desert Patrol

This set looks like a "FFL Desert Patrol" in the Sahara Desert outside Fort Zinderneuf with sand dunes. It's my understanding Mounted Patrols on mules were used in the mountains throughout Morroco. Very different terrains.

It never occurred to me to consider this set as Mounted FFL that should have included two men and a mule to accompany them. The set includes 8 foot and 6 mounted Legionnaires and all the foot soldiers are wearing and carrying their full kit and there are no separate supplies anyway to put up on any animals. This is the perfect complimentary set to go with the other blue "Early XX C Legionnaires" in action poses. Now we have Legionnaires who will do the legendary deed "March or Die!"

If Strelets decides to make a set of Mounted FFL (and I hope they do) who in many cases are not wearing their famous Capotes I would buy them for doing garrison duty in my Sahara desert forts. But I'd like some action poses, too, shooting etc., not just walking or holding the mule's reins. If not, no problem, I've got plenty of Esci's / Italeri's sets with mixed uniforms with and without Capotes.

I just love this new set and will buy lot's of them for the purposes they look like they were intended for.

And I'd like to complement the sculptor for doing such an outstanding job with all of the details on all of the fugures in all of the FFL sets, including the new Artillery set that we have only seen Teaser Pics once.

Re: Foreign Legion Desert Patrol

P.S. I would love to see Strelets make a set of these Legionnaires below without wearing their Capotes and in the nice Light Blue Color. Hope the link works. If it only brings up Wikipedia, then click on the second small picture titled "A depiction of the Foreign Legion in action in Morocco, 1907":

Re: Foreign Legion Desert Patrol

If the Legion is legend then the Mule company is the legend of the legend, they were the elite of the Legion in the same way that Paratrooper units or special forces are the elites of other army's.... Mule Mounted companys were used everywhere in North Africa and there were many companys...

I'm afraid the reality is somewhat different to Beau Geste or March or Die... they are after all fiction though there are elements of truth, for example the huge battle that takes place at the end of "March or Die" against impossible odds, could easily be based on actual events that took place not once but many times, sometimes the Legionaires survived sometimes not...
But they had No Artillery only Rifles (they were good steady shots) and no Machineguns yet still 100 men or so and a few Spahis for recon may hold off 1500 attackers for many hours as their very lives would depend on it, few prisoners were ever taken by either side... the general tactic was to form a square for movement and defence with the mules inside or find some higher ground to make a stand and await reinforcements..

Military Columns of war is another matter...

Morroco in particular the Riff War saw the increased use of modern Warfare Tanks, Aircraft, Artillery etc and serious fortified defences using Barbwire and machineguns and I think maybe even gas....

As has already been said Saharan units are Méharistes, North Africans...

I think the sets of FFL that have been produced by Strelets so far are best suited to 1890-1914, the French didnt use the Lewis as an infantry weapon the Chauchat however was used in north Africa for awhile but neither would have been available in any case at that time, the combat look of The Legion has changed by the mid twenties and the Riff War...


Re: Foreign Legion Desert Patrol

Did you ever hear of the Legion's Donkey Mounted Unit called the "Smart Asses"?

Hope you have a great weekend with lots of laughs ...