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Re: The Guns of Mafeking

Great looking pictures of the Pom-Pom gun. I'm excited to see the Crew who comes with the gun, too. I'm loving buying and looking forward to the new Colonial sets finally. Keep up the great, great work! - GC

P.S. Speaking of big guns, I hope you make some British Naval Cannons, the kind that were mounted to the wooden carriages for rolling across South Africa pulled by bulls. I don't buy the huge guns needing movement by trains. There are photos of the Boer Long Tom being pulled by bulls behind the Cape Wagon aka Ox Wagon. I especially like the Crews you make for each set because they can be used for many kinds of Artillery. Thank you.

Re: The Guns of Mafeking

Thank you Ironsides. The images will come handy when I do the "Long Tom" kit. I thought the wheels looked a bit thin but so did the ones on the real thing.