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Re: VK?

I ordered 40 Speira figures last month and they are fantastic and highly recommend them. They are a bit pricey so you won't be building an army solely with their figures but they can easily be blended with figures from other manufacturers. From the time I ordered them to the day I received them, it was about a month, but the owner, Amos, will print them just as fast as he can. Demand for his figures is pretty high and for very good reason. The figure poses and detail he created are very unique and second to none. Plus, because he 3D prints these figures and doesn't use injection molds, as do other manufacturers, there is no flash to remove.

The figures I purchased were all related to battlefield casualties as this seems to be largely overlooked by almost all manufacturers of figures. Strelet's is the only one that addresses those needed figures, but they still don't offer enough figures to complete a semi realistic diorama. I've had to do a lot of figure conversions from lots of various sets and manufacturers to get the variety and number Im looking for.

I will be buying more Speira figures as my collection grows and will be 3D printing some of my own creations in the near future.

Re: VK?

So Speira sells one 1/72nd scale figure for $3 or $4 each? Is that what I am reading?

I was thinking a few of the ACW women might be nice, but I can't see paying that much for one figure.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek
Bunker Talk blog

Re: VK?

Yes, Speira's single figures (in 1/72) are 2.20 euros (approx. USD$2.50), and the double figure vignettes are 3.50 euros (approx. USD$4.00). I agree they are indeed pricey, as you and Greg also remarked. Having said that I have still compiled a wish-list of about 50 ACW figures - all "unique" in some way, which will just add to my existing collection (as with Greg). I intend to order them in a few months though. Did you see the union and confederate figure pose in a fist fight - how can I not have these guys?! lol

Re: VK?

One of my favs is the double figure of the Confederate on top of and strangling the federal and the second figure of the federal on top of and strangling the I said, very, very unique and worth getting at least one of these you won't find anywhere else.

Re: VK?

Ha! They're also on my wish-list Greg!

It's clear that between us, we've found (in our opinion) at least 40-50 "unique" ACW figures. Can you imagine if Strelets were to release an entire set of such figures? There is still lots of potential for new Strelets inspirations - and even with different uniforms/regiments (e.g. Iron Brigade, zouaves) it could still set them apart from the existing Speira creations?

If Strelets took a rest from producing streltsi bonus figures, even just for a short while, and produced such ACW soldiers grappling in a realistic action pose I would buy any set with them in it - that is to say, I no longer collect/paint Napoleonics but I would buy one of their upcoming Austrian sets if they had 3 ACW bonus figures such as these!

...and imagine if it was flipped for other lines and the upcoming Strelets ACW sets had a few unique Napoleonic figures, for example, in hand-to-hand combat also or Wellington just looking at a would (or could) obviously boost sales. :wink: