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Re: Union Skirmishers

Dear Bert,

ACW line is far from over.
We will release few other sets on top of those, that we've done already.
Other uniforms of the Union will be covered as well.

Best regards,

Excellent! Thanks Mr Strelets - hopefully we'll see Union Iron Brigade (with hardee hats), zouaves...maybe even Confederate Louisiana Tigers (with the round straw hats)?

Re: Union Skirmishers

THANK YOU STRELETS! for the great news bit. My armies and credit card will be waiting anxiously!!!

Re: Union Skirmishers

Thank you Strelets!
Very good news to hear! I hope you have many more sets coming & will continue to match sets already made with their opponent. (ie: Union Skirmishers, Confederate Firing Line, Confederate Cavalry Skirmishing, etc)
I agree with Baratheon in the hopes for Union Iron Brigade! For me they would be the fulfillment of a long time dream!