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Re: hello Strelets

Please no fantasy-or fiction-figures!
I think too that theirs collectors prefer mostly bigger scales for them than 1/72.

Re: hello Strelets

I collect and paint 1/72 scales of most eras from ancient to modern (with a preference for colonial period). Recently I've been buying the Dark Alliance & Caesar fantasy figures to cross-over and fight them - why have the British 24th Regiment invade Zululand when they could invade Goblinland? :wink:

As a painter, fantasy offer unusual and interesting challenges (and they give me a nice rest from Scottish kilts and German Waffen camo patterns)! :grimacing:

Fantasy figures in 1/72 scale gives good alternative, competition to Games Workshop and others, and is a growing market in my opinion. I buy from 2 on-line retailers - one in UK and one in USA. I have a huge wish-list of sets awaiting my purchase (usually I buy 7 sets a month) - and because I watch their inventory levels, I have noticed that the recent Dark Alliance fantasy sets (sold by both retailers with high inventory levels) have been selling out fast causing me stress - and forcing me to buy them ahead of others!

Re: hello Strelets

Well i'm searching for fantasy figures and i DO search them in 1/72 (don't know how someone who isn't interested can know about 'our' interest?).

I began too late with the hobby to get e.g. all the Caesar fantasy sets and really wonder why there isn't a big Secondhand-exchange site (at all, not just fantasy) for 1/72 figures.

Even with the Alliance range, Strelets could do a lot beside them - with a good coordination it don't have to be concurrence.

It don't has to be done yet or in the next time and also it don't has to be a main- or even a big range, it can be a sidegag; and obiously it sells as can be seen with Alliance & Caesar.