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old guard on the march

Beautiful French grenadiers in coat on the march, thank you for your great work. Please, do not forget that the grenadiers of the guard were the greatest soldiers of the French army. They should therefore measure at least 24 mm or 24.5 mm to respect the historical reality. It would be a shame if they were the size of the voltigeurs.

Re: old guard on the march

Ditto Wagram's praise.

They will be marching into my collection.

Re: old guard on the march

These are great looking figures and they remind me of the Revel figures they, look a bit different from the old guard sets already released by Strelets a few months ago, these look taller & thinner I think I prefer this new look over the previous figures.

Re: old guard on the march

I believe these will compliment well what is already out there from all companies. Even the minor differences will, in my opinion, make them even more useful (if sizing is similar) as it will allow for variety in a formation - which on campaign is inevitable.

Kudos for what looks to be a great set!

Re: old guard on the march

Yes I completely agree 24-24.5 mm is perfect size the best would be 24.5 mm. Lovely figures .thank you strelets.