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Re: Person, who shaped our hobby

Geniale il maestro¡

Grazie per tutti gli belli momenti. Arte en 1/72.

My first soldiers were his atlantic egiptians in 1979 and the last ones made by him the french foot dragoons.

Thanks a lot Strelets for sharing the video and article.

I hope he continues his outstanding work, perfect for the napoleonic soldiers. He has the touch in these period as your new sculptor does in the new napoleonic series.


Re: Person, who shaped our hobby

Many thanks for the link to this most interesting article. Put me in a nostalgic mood. Would love to see one of the war monuments he sculpted.

The hobby has lost several of key figures lately (like the heads of Zvezda, Armourfast and Emhar) so here's hope he is still going strong, and that Strelets' current sculptor will continue to become one of our hobby's legends as well.