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Re: Well....?

A few months back, Mr. Strelets did ask for suggestions for North-West Frontier, and \\\"Carry On Up the Khyber\\\" was one film suggested as research material. That sculpt does remind me of the officer played by Roy Castle! I do hope they get adversaries to fight such as the Burpa tribesmen from the film... :wink:

P.S I\\\'ll be buying many boxes! Loving the new colonial line :+1:
Good point regarding Strelets' request about Khyber Pass. This guy's Foreign Service Helmet looks the part. There are actually lots of exciting paintings on the subject. A couple sets of Enemies would be great. Maybe like the "Young Winston" movie, we will see a new set of India Infantry.

I feel the Boer War Highlanders are a charming enough set, so I was wondering why this set! These guys can be used for so many Colonial Campaigns. These new sets really challenge the imagination. This and the other new sets will be much welcomed. I'll be buying lots of all of them, too.

I'm also looking forward to action sets of the Napoleonic Highlanders in Battle Square Formation. I hope there are one or two casualties to go with them. They are really great sculpts; such great details.

Very exciting times for fans of Queen Victoria's Little Wars.

Re: Well....?

Looks to me like he's commanding some sort of heavy weapon. Or perhaps about to give the command to fire down on some unsuspecting Burpa tribesmen passing up the Khyber.

Nice sculpt anyway.