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Jacobites Contribution.

That's what I like to see, what a fabulous piece of eye candy.

Anthony's Jacobites look so good I can almost hear the redcoats running. Splendid painting and some nice little conversions with the lochaber axes and the officers sword arm. Great work!

And it has to be said, whether it's these ones or the Napoleonics, the world is a better place because Strelets made Highlanders.:grinning:

Re: Jacobites Contribution.

Yep , great eye candy .

Re: Jacobites Contribution.

Och Aye!! Very Bonny!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Re: Jacobites Contribution.

Yes a very fearful bunch indeed Mr Kitchen, nice tartan too, great contribution!

Re: Jacobites Contribution.

These are really well painted figures & a great looking bunch & this is in no way a negative comment but haven't Strelets sculpting of figures come on leaps & bounds in the last few years.