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Napoleonic SAM sets figures conundrum...

Dear Strelets

Before I discuss my concerns in regards to the now currently released sets (Prussian Landwehr & Prussian Line Infantry) and future sets in progress. Please kindly note the following concerns are expressed from a personal perspective, a viewpoint conveyed in sincerity. Unfortunately for me some concerns have arisen regarding certain aspects of the final figures produced.

When the first /earlier Napoleonic SAM set master sculpts (British, Scots, Polish) were gloriously displayed in their splendour on your website forum, I was excited to see the Strelets team was introducing a range of sets for the grand era that encompasses all that is Napoleonic. I very much looked forward to purchasing the first and future releases.
When I had the figure sets in hand I looked with interest upon the box art figure representations, as a prelude to the contents contained within the confines of the figure box set….. After reading the intriguing list of future releases scheduled, I carefully opened the flaps of card – the contents did not disappoint - for example the British Infantry in Attack sets are wonderful. To my great happiness the figures were just what I had hoped for in terms of sculpting figure height and overall size. Now I was hoping that this trend would continue for future Napoleonic sets for all nations that have the good prospect and destiny of entering the illustrious world of 1:72 figure scale.

My lamentable purchasing dilemma ….

To begin with the Prussian Landwehr and Prussian Line Infantry on the march sets. When I saw the master sculpts – I thought WOW these look extremely good. I would like to purchase a sizeable number of these sets and also future repeat purchases (even though I had some quibbles about the Prussian Infantry headgear size – re old post and a few other considerations). Fortunately for me my retailer was still waiting to list stock received. During this time I read the part/full review on PSR for both sets and so my concerns began.

So I decided to test the water and place an order for one set each to begin with together with other Napoleonic sets that I required at the time - to replenish the ranks or more so the ‘Napoleonic appetite’. If all was well I would then place a much larger desired order in my next purchase.

My thoughts:

Prussian Landwehr Marching:

+ve Good sculpted figures.
+ve Nice figures in their own right.
+ve The figures may perhaps match up favourably with Hat Prussian Reserve, Airfix Prussian Landwehr, HAT Prussian Landwehr March & Action sets (well others can decide on these 2 sets).

-ve For my requirements overall the figures are not compatible with Prussian Infantry from Waterloo 1815 & HAT Prussian Infantry MACs in terms of height and size.
-ve 23mm figure size - (re: PSR).
-ve For me the figures are quite small in overall size.

Prussian Line Infantry Marching:

+ve Good sculpted figures.
+ve Nice figures in their own right.
+ve Compatible with Revell Prussian Infantry figures & HAT Prussian Jaegers.

-ve For my requirements overall the figures are not compatible with Prussian Infantry from Waterloo1815 & HAT MACs in terms of height and size , the figures are also somewhat slim and small in comparison.
-ve 23.5mm figure size – (re: PSR) – although they are 23.5mm unfortunately for me they still have compatibility issues for my needs.
-ve The Nap Prussian Front or is that Back…
On closer observation somewhat dismayed/disappointed to see the haversack positioned conversely to that normally seen in other Napoleonic Prussian Infantry figures made by prominent figure manufactures (e.g Perrys, Calpe, AB, Art Minuturen, HAT to name a few). Please address this for future Nap Prussian Infantry sets.

Very sadly for me the drawbacks expressed for my requirements has given rise to /brought about the realisation that I will not be able to purchase the 2 Strelet Napoleonic Prussian sets discussed above in larger quantities in my next order and future repeat purchases. For me this is quite a downcast and unfortunate outcome.

Napoleonic figure size fluctuation…

Respectfully may I request the following, please can all future Napoleonic SAM sets in terms of overall size and height be consistent, ideally 24mm as per your Napoleonic British Infantry in Attack for example. Or at least leaning very near towards 24mm. Please no more 22.5mm or 23mm Napoleonic figures. I very much look forward to your finely sculpted Napoleonic SAM set masters and thus the final product within the confines of the figure box upon sprues to which they await to be removed and recruited. To have their regulation palette of colours brushed upon, depicting their nation to which they pledge their mortal allegiance. However I am quite disheartened when the actual figures are small and slim in size than one would have desired and hoped for.

The screenshots of the master sculpts are always greatly welcomed, though the images may give a different perspective/impression regarding the figure size and not provide a reflection of the actual overall size/scale of the final/eventually produced figures that customers purchase. (If possible it may be useful to provide a figure comparison image/guide of some of your currently released Napoleonic SAM set figures (or with other Nap manufacturer figures) alongside your master sculpts. (A quick thumbs up to Zed).

I fear that the splendid looking Napoleonic Austrian Grenadiers may suffer the same fate and as a consequence be small slim figures of 22.5 or 23mm and not 24mm. Please let this not be. Please do not make the Austrian figures to the same height as the marching Grenadier figures of Italeri’s earlier Austrian/Hungarian mixed set or the same height and size as HAT’s Grenadiers set – sadly for me the figures in that set were also overall too small coupled with other issues.

However it may be Strelets preference to produce a certain component of Napoleonic SAM sets in the
Revellesque figure size style though ideally my choice would be along the lines of Zvezda, Waterloo 1815, ESCI and of course Strelets Napoleonic British In Attack in terms of overall figure size.

To conclude:

Future Napoleonic SAM sets to be.

24mm in height (leaning towards).

Prussian figures overall size to be similar to Waterloo 1815 & HAT ACTION Prussians for future Napoleonic Prussian sets .

Use for example Strelets British Infantry in Attack or even Waterloo 1815 Napoleonic Prussians as a barometer/measure or base for overall size and height for future Napoleonic figures.

Prussian figures to have haversack positioned as conventionally seen as per other prominent figure manufacturers (opposite to that portrayed in Strelets Napoleonic Marching Prussians).

The continuation and improvement of your new sculpting style – very much like the new Russian, Austrian and Highland master sculpts. The sculpting is excelling. Just hope the formula that brings such joy is not negated and thus happiness diminished and discontent reached by the figures being small in overall size and height for the Russian, Austrian, Highland Napoleonic sets (and future sets yet to be unveiled/on the drawing board).

Please kindly reduce the output of figures erring on the side of being too slim/slender and small.

Is there a pandemic of Napoleonic figure size fluctuation across manufacturers of late, to my disenchantment this has extended to many current Napoleonic released sets. Oh dear how some our hopes of much desired sets have been dashed….or at least for me. I hope this trend does not continue amongst manufacturers for the foreseeable future… However I will try to be optimistic as I still yearn for a number of Napoleonic sets for example Prussian Infantry & Landwehr in Attack would be great (in the required overall size…). I hope the proposed request (re: figure size) is not too much to consider and kindly be realised. Strelets please allay my concerns.

I appreciate the hard work, time and effort the Strelets team employs in producing your figures to fulfil the ever wanting needs and requests of the band of warriors, legends, myths (not forgetting raw green recruits, grunts & cannon fodder…) to be found in the realms of the world of 1 72 scale …… alright then the customer base.
Best Regards

(What? Phwoar…this post is longer than the Napoleonic Wars…..and some…)
(they think it’s all over….it is now …. – re: the post. For the football connoisseurs)

Re: Napoleonic SAM sets figures conundrum...

I was wondering about the Napoleonic Surface-to-Air Missiles... :confounded:

Re: Napoleonic SAM sets figures conundrum...

mike b
I was wondering about the Napoleonic Surface-to-Air Missiles... :confounded:
Converted British rocket troops.

But I have to agree that nearly all of the figure manufactures products vary in size from set to set. Still better to have them slightly out of scale than none at all.

Re: Napoleonic SAM sets figures conundrum...

mike b
I was wondering about the Napoleonic Surface-to-Air Missiles... :confounded:
Napoleon's Surface to Air Missiles will be covered in a forthcoming Osprey book, no doubt