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Haron Website?

Doesn't Orion/Haron have a website anymore?

Re: Haron Website?

Re: Haron Website?

Doesn\'t Orion/Haron have a website anymore?
Not directly since they deleted their Forum years ago.

Like Steve P.'s link is showing, just go to "PSR" and then "Links" identical to what we do to get to our favorite "Strelets Forum", and then just scroll back up to "RedBox". "Haron"/"Orion" is there in the RedBox site.

If you don't see your stuff immediately, then just click on "Haron" at the top of that same page. It's not a super active site or updated often, nor is it the complete story, but it still works for Fans of RedBox, Haron, and Orion - like me.

However, as we have all learned on this Strelet's Forum, if you want to have a conversation with Haron, then this is the Forum to do that. Thank you Strelets! And thank you Haron, too, for staying with your fans/customers and being a faithful hobbiest!

Re: Haron Website?

I have no time to work on the website.:white_frowning_face:

6 sets released ! not 4 sets Napoleonic Russian

Ukrainian Cossack Cavalry 72125 & 72126 ! Please update RedBox website, your fans are waiting !

Re: 6 sets released ! not 4 sets Napoleonic Russian