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Re: Friday Treatment

These Boer War British Infantry, just like the new Blue Foreign Legion, are the best ever produced in our scale.

I hope Strelets will consider making a matching set of "Marching and Riding British" like they did for their FFL. As is I just love the Boer War Australian Cavalry Lancers. Such personality. For the British Cavalry Lancers I'm going to do some head swops with the British Highlanders. The Highlanders have some classic looking Pith Helmets with Cloth Covers, Puggarees and/or Neck Curtains I want to spread around with the original release British. I only wish this scale was big enough to see the classic "Flash" on the helmet also representing the soldiers regiment.

I'd like to say out loud a special "Thank You!" to the sculptor who puts the nice detail of the Pith Helmet's Air Vent on top. Look so complete and authentically Great! And thank you also Strelets for attaching the sprew to the bottom of the base and not on top of the helmet. This way you don't have to ruin the sets headgear by you having to cut up a helmet just to get the figure off the sprew.

I'm also hopeful for a "Big Box" of specialty "Famous Personalities and Casualties" like they did for the Crimean War British.

Strelets is really onto a Winner here, just like the Crimean War Range. In fact, I'm hopeful they will do a Big Box Set for the Beau Geste FFL also.

Thank you Strelets! You really made my weekend! - GC

P.S. Here is a great site for the Boer War Pith Helmets (Copy and paste the Link below into your browser above and enjoy):

Re: Friday Treatment

No one has done a Maxim gun for the period, ie 1899/02 and that would be a nice addition to both this range and the hobby.