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D-DAY 75th anniversary

Hi Strelets,
As mentioned in the title, this year is one those where we might hope something matching passion of history and our favourite hobby.
Any chance of a British/Allied commando set as they appeared from D-DAY to April 1945 with berets, Bergen bags and so on?
And before anyone asks, I don't think we need another set of German infantry for WW2.
Have a great weekend.

Re: D-DAY 75th anniversary

I love this idea! With a command sprue with piper, radioman, guy pushing bicycle loaded with supplies & Lovett in sweater! (Tho I know he didn't actually wear it!)

Tho the Pegasus set was fantastic, a set or 2 (or 3) of troops actually landing; running hunched over, cowering behind obstacles, casualties, etc.

Re: D-DAY 75th anniversary

Yes please, and with Vickers K machine guns.

Re: D-DAY 75th anniversary

Love the commando idea but what about also...

British paras with loads of kit ,bikes,medics,radios etc
American paras with same
German paras
French resistance
Allied german med teams
Mixed allied German command teams ...officers,nco's, radios ,binoculars,etc
Supply troops mixed