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Pretty Polly?

PSR seem a bit harsh on the topic of Parrots:

I certainly see their point but most of the issues with the gun can be corrected. Glue on a cascabel & trunions. Admittedly in a perfect world you wouldn't have to but this isn't an insurmountable problem.

The gun surely can have the connecting peg removed & be glued into position to shoot upwards?

The gunner smoking is a fair point but you don't have to use the figure or it could be modified with a simple arm swop.

The only real fly in the ointment is the number of spokes on the wheels.16 is too many so suitable replacement wheels will be needed.Not easy to find though there are several metal manufacturers who might be able to supply some accurate wheels.

Is "Polly pretty"? Well, a bird in the hand.....

Re: Pretty Polly?

I think PSR have little choice other than to tell it like it is, if they did not the rivet counter in all of us would pick them up for not pointing it out. I like it, and like Airfix 13lb WW1 gun ,the fact it is pointing down and hitting a spot only a few feet away would not put me off buying it,because as we all have learnt in this hobby , not much is perfect and make do and mend is the order of the day.:-)

Re: Pretty Polly?

Hi, Alan, as I indicated, I think PSR made valid points about the set. In offering my opinion, I thought the tone was a little harsh & ignored the sort of modifications we plastic wargamers regularly do.

I usually agree with PSR wholeheartedly & I'm sure they/he don't mind my current quibble.

Re: Pretty Polly?

I am sure they don`t either, constructive criticism or honest feedback whether about a set of figures or someone`s point of view rarely causes issue .:+1: