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Re: Foreign Legion

johnny Hale
And yet another great set well done but yes most upsetting, still maybe Mr Strelets is going to make a Teddy Bears picnic first.
Surely Marching Teddy Bears should come first

Seriously a lovely set to come later this year I hope!

Re: Foreign Legion

Two Questions
Where to look for colors to paint them and their equipment, any web site or url???
Future set WWII FFL are suitable fir Vietnam, Dién Biên Phú and those conflicts???


Re: Foreign Legion

Only really suitable for early on in the indochina conflict

Re: Foreign Legion

Canon de 65 M (montagne) modele 1906 - good choice. It was used up to 1950.

Re: Foreign Legion

Agreed this is a most useful gun - for colonial conflicts, WW1, warlord armies in China, probably the SCW, WW2 and then by Israel.

In the photos I find of that gun though, the carriage has lots of holes to save weight. So some more work seems necessary on the master.

canon de montagne 65 mm

Great subject. Hopefully the holes could be made in the carriage. I for one, would be very happy to buy the same gun with a chasseur alpine crew. Thus, a set of chasseurs alpine WWI would be a first in plastic.