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Re: Dear Strelets, i need info/answers

Are there more ACW sets in the pipeline? And thanks for what you've produced so far. :+1:

Re: Dear Strelets, i need info/answers

7. may be - although it requires a new line for early XVIII c.

Thats a faint indication of a fresh 18th century "tricorne"-range from Strelets? :smile:

Although Zvezda, Revell & Strelets have released some figures for relevant conflicts in the past, there is most definitely room for further expansion and improvement of the whole era.

Most major conflicts of the age of "Kabinettskriege" (& adjoining periods) are only sparsely covered or completely untouched in 1/72 so far.
Some extremely interisting possibilities could be:
Great Northern War and subsequent Russo-Swedish Wars (1741–1743 & 1788–1790)
War of the Spanish Succession
War of the Quadruple Alliance
War of the Polish Succession
War of the Austrian Succession
Seven Years War

Austro and/or Russian–Turkish Wars
(1735–39, 1768–1774, 1788–1791
American Revolutionary War (the latter two entries were no "Kabinettskriege" by definition, but many involved units featured a very similar appearance)

Would be smashing if Strelets would consider one or more of the mentioned conflicts! :sweat_smile: