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Re: The Whole World Waits

James Fisher
I do hope that Strelets will not be put off by the few naysayers.

When it comes to Napoleonic highland infantry, none of the existing 'available' sets come close to them for quality of sculpting nor for the range of poses.

I look forward to getting hold of these, and any future highlanders (the ones at the bar sound like a great idea! :joy: )

Given Strelets response to other enquiries, I can only assume that the previous two sets of highlanders have sold well (which would not surprise). As the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so the proof of the sets is in the selling.
At the risk of being labelled a highland hater (which I am far from) or a nay sayer (???) I still don't see how better sculpted models of the same small niche of troops helps the hobby. I would simply like to see the gaps filled before Strelets take it on themselves to improve the quality of other manufacturers in areas already well served.

Re: The Whole World Waits

When I look above, “I think the ayes have it”.

(ten, nine, eight,...)

Re: The Whole World Waits

Not more highlanders??? Can we not cover subjects as yet ignored? Highlanders already have their own section on PSR. IT'll be highlanders sat down next, followed by highlanders cleaning their kit, highlanders sleeping, highlanders down the pub.......... please, please, please close the gaps in the hobby first

I am not a Scot or a serious Napoleonic modeller so I have no axe to grind!
It seems to me that Strelet have a format and the command set is one of the series so I cannot see why the sarcastic comments about Scottish sets. The same arguments could be made about the FFL, ACW series (excellent figures!) for the same reason.

Yes the Scots have 10 sets quoted on PSR but so do the Landwehr (also 10 sets!) including a Strelet command set and I do not remember any on the forum complaining about Strelet producing a series of these figures.

Incidentally, PSR also quote 8 Netherland sets, 4 Bavarian, 3 Wurttenburg (whoever they were!) and Saxons, along with zillions of French. I really do not think Strelet is giving the Napoleonic modellers a raw deal.

Yes it would be nice to have all the sets we want (1940 BEF for example!) but be grateful that it was not Strelet posting yet another third Reich tanker riders on PSR. As I have said before the great thing about Strelet you never know what is coming next.
I think you have missed my point.

First, my comments were directed at Napoleonic HIGHLAND Infantry, not Scottish. There is a difference. By the end of the Napoleonics most of the Highland Infantry were wearing the more common shako and trousers just like their Lowland brethren, so this is a specific niche which is being constantly repeated. These figures can only be used to represent single battalions of the 42nd, 79th and 92nd throughout the Napoleonics. At best the 71st and 91st may have worn it at Rolica, Vimiero and Corunna (if the rigours of campaign had not persuaded them to make up trews from their kilts against the worst of the Spanish winter). The 73rd and 74th had adopted trousers before deploying, the 72nd, 75th, 78th and 93rd were not engaged. So in effect these ten sets can be used for three to five battalions.

Second, the Prussian Landwehr do have, deservedly, a high number of sets but the three Hat sets are targeted to specifics, I.e. Command only, Marching rank and file and action rank and file. (There is no Strelets Landwehr Command listed, no matter how hard I looked) Also the Landwehr was huge. The Hundred days alone saw 66 Battalions deployed, and that didn't include the two oldest provinces of East Prussia and West Prussia who saw action during the wars of liberation.

This is NOT about picking on one type of troops but preferring to see ALL aspects of the hobby covered. I was not being sarcastic but exasperated. At no point did I say Strelets was giving Napoleonic collectors a raw deal! I don't see how the same arguement can be made at the ACW figures as the generic uniform was widespread. Also this seems to be being accepted by contributors as one of the "at attention" sets, following on from their "format" that you mention so it may not be a command set. The French Infantry uniform was also worn by many other nations giving flexibility across the board. Simply saying there are X amounts of troops is a cop out. If there were ten sets of Danish listed but all were Artillery train that wouldn't automatically imply a decent representation of the Army.

As I said at the beginning I think you have missed the point.