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Re: Streltsi Bonus Figures - enough already?!

Option 3

Re: Streltsi Bonus Figures - enough already?!

Option 1 - It's their thing - have been discarding at least one figure plastic sets since the 70's - I might even build an army of these- LEAVE THEM ALONE

Re: Streltsi Bonus Figures - want to get rid of them? Let's talk 'turkey'

I'd be happy to have some more of them, particularly, but not exclusively for the sets that I do not have and am never likely to purchase*

Interested? You can contact me via the email address that is listed on our blog:


* I have not seen the 'bonus' Streletzi in these sets:

Set 007 (The Scottish Army of Wallace) and Set 071 (Medieval Britain)
Set 006 (Army of Henry V) and Set 071 (Medieval Britain)
Set 016 (Anglo-Saxons)
Set 025 (Russian Line Infantry)
Set 024 (French Light Infantry)
Set 029 (British Highlanders)
Set 027 (Russian Cossack Infantry and Sailors) and Set 032 (Russian Naval Artillery)
Set 031 (Guard of Peter I)
Set 039 (Russian Grenadiers)
Set 042 (Artillery of Peter I)
Set 028 (British Line Infantry)
Set 056 (Boers)
Set 038 (British Infantry)
Set 902 (Heavy Brigade)
Set M082 (Italian Army in Winter Dress)
Set M083 (Hungarian Army in Winter Dress)
Set M086 (Police Battalion)
Set M085 (Soviet Partisans in Summer Dress)
Set M084 (Soviet Partisans in Winter Dress)
Set 064 (Ural Cossacks)
Set M103 (WWII Union of South Africa)
Set M105 (WWII Early American Soldiers)
Set M113 (Early WWII American Soldiers 2)
Set 115 (Lawrence of Arabia)
Set 909 (Norman Camp)
Set M111 (WWII New Zealand Troops)
Set 910 (Hastings 1066: Norman Army)
Set 911 (Stamford Bridge)
Set 911 (Stamford Bridge)
Set M114 (Japanese in Tropical Uniform)
Set M118 (English Men-at-Arms)
Set M119 (WWII Indian Troops)
Set 074 (Austro-Hungarian Honved)
Set M120 (IJA Paratroopers)
Set M126 (Serbian Infantry in Winter Uniform)
Set 164 (Red Cavalry in Summer Dress)
Set M127 (Arab Revolt Foot Rebels)
Set M122 (Turkish Infantry in Tropical Uniform)
Set M130 (WWI Polish Infantry (Blue Army))
Set M128 (Imperial Japanese Army in Attack)
Set M132 (8th Army Heavy Weapons Squad)
Set M131 (Australian Dismounted Camel Corps)
Set 167 (Turkish Camel Corps)
Set 166 (Australian Camel Corps)
Set 165 (British Camel Corps)
Set M123 (Imperial Camel Corps Dismounted)
Set 187 (French Foreign Legion WWII)
Set 185 (Foot Rif Rebels)
Set 186 (French Foreign Legion Early XX C.)

Re: Streltsi Bonus Figures - enough already?!

Option 1:

Nice to trade away to people who actually collect them. A talking point when meeting new collectors, and also a way to draw attention to the great nordic war. Also there is the tradition of the figures.

Re: Streltsi Bonus Figures - enough already?!

Option 1 but with a few in period variants such as pikemen, gunners, etc

I've painted and traded them over the years and it's a nice feature of the sets.

Re: Streltsi Bonus Figures - enough already?!

I think that it´s a tradition of Strelets and so really theirs choice - and I like these little surprises....

Re: Streltsi Bonus Figures - enough already?!

Option 2

I have always thought the bonus figure should reflect what is in the main set of figures or at least a figure from the same era, if you buy a Napoleonic set of Prussians for example the bonus figure should also be a Napoleonic Prussian or at least a figure from the Napoleonic era.

The Strelski's could still be made but as full set of Strelski's rather than having to buy boxes of Napoleonic or WWI figures to get your Strelski bonus figure.

Meanwhile I keep all the Strelski's I have with the plan of converting them to Napoleonic Ottomans one day.

Re: Streltsi Bonus Figures - enough already?!

I vote anything except strelets, so option 2 or 3 , aside I just sold on ebay all I had , in excess of 100 and probably got my money back, certainly enough to buy two boxes of figures I do want, the bidders were Russian , so I think outside of Russia not a lot of interest in them.

Re: Streltsi Bonus Figures - enough already?!

Nah keep making them eventually I'll have enough to make one of these:


Re: Streltsi Bonus Figures - enough already?!

Ironsides, you can't see any use for Streltsi except for just making fruit bowls?! :innocent:

After a week, so far, this "non-binding" poll results are as follows:

8 votes (38%) for Option 1 (give us Streltsi) and 13 votes (62%) for other options (no more Streltsi).

Thanks everyone for your answers (votes), and reasons for and against. They are all compelling arguments. I'm sure this has been very informative for everyone...

Re: Streltsi Bonus Figures - enough already?!

Interisting interpretation of the votes cast. :joy:

A sober recount of the 21 votes shows following picture:
Option 1 received 10 votes (~48%)
(This includes Ironsides being sarcastically in favour of having some surplus figures at least and Bert wanting a wider coverage of the Streltsy topic.)

Option 2 = 5 votes (~24%)

Option 3 = 5 votes (~24%)

One voter remained vague on a definitive answer, but clearly decided against the Streltsy (A.B. indecisively between Opt. 2 & 3)

Adding up all putative anti-Streltsy votes we end up with roughly 52% vs. the 48% votes in favour of this tradition.
A very narrow result.

Re: Streltsi Bonus Figures - enough already?!

Thanks Peter-the-Great, oops I missed Bert's mention of Streltsi in his proposed option #4 so yes agree; it's a vote actually for option #1 (so 9 votes of 21). I did interpret Ironsides to have no real use for more Streltsi - so would ask him to help us clarify and settle the poll, and give us his final (serious) answer on which option he would prefer (if he says yes to option #1 then agree, yes; 10 votes out of 21)?

Ironsides, what say you sir? :yum: