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Re: ACW war game rules

Ha, good use of teddy bear fur, door mat and ribbed velvet. Looks nice.

I'm thinking about going with the Regimental Fire and Fury rules. I have flip through the pages and the rules seem interesting - the right balance of complexity and fun.

RF&F are, I think, a great rule set. I have a copy & thave read it several times. They were going to be the ACW rule set of choice but we'd changed our Napoleonic set of rules to 'General d'Armee' & as 'Pickett's Charge' is from the same writer, & very similar, we decided it would be easy to go with 'PC'. TBH, I don't think you can go wrong with either.

And thanks for your kind comments, Danny. It's a pity that distance would make a game unlikely as I think that would be enjoyable.


Re: ACW war game

Oops. Nearly missed your post Donald. I did see it at Bennos but didn't comment as I am not a member there.
Thanks again for sharing. The ACW is not one of my preferred periods however you and your group have brought colour and interest to that era. Look forward to the next update.