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Austrian Napoleonic infantry

Curious if Strelets had ever mentioned the possibility of them making Austrian infantry for the Napoleonic wars. Thanks

Re: Austrian Napoleonic infantry

These are the known future sets so far:

- Set 193 Austrian Infantry in Overcoats on the March
- Set 194 Austrian Grenadiers in Overcoats Standing at Ease
- Set 195 Austrian Infantry in Overcoats Standing at Ease

Here a pic of some masters:

Re: Austrian Napoleonic infantry

When the MAC Russian, Prussian, Austrian, French infantry, Old guard, brit infantry, highlanders, are complete it would be great if strelets ran some of the lesser nations like Bavaria Wurttemberg, Hanover , Nassau, Saxony etc.
Strelets could start with just the marching sets first to gauge how popular the armies would be but you only have to see how well the Nassau infantry by H%t has sold over the last few years that they would be very little risk involved.
Also please add a firing lines as well again try one set say Brit infantry & see how popular it is & go from there.

Re: Austrian Napoleonic infantry


Clearly also Austrians without great coats

I look foward to them

Following on from idea of the smaller allied states etc, many wore French style uniforms very similar to the Bardin uniform (1812 - 15) eg Saxons, Danes, Naples, Late Wutemburg etc

As there remains a gap for a marching and at ease set of French in said uniform, could be runner? Hat recent set was not up to the mark in quality or quantity terms.


Re: Austrian Napoleonic infantry

Also following the small nations and gap filler theme, could we cover those types who are not represented at alll rather than expanding the style of troops already available? As always I'm looking for 100 days Netherlands cavalry

Re: Austrian Napoleonic infantry

Endeavor has a good point. We don't need to recreate sets already available, some of which are well done.

Current gaps I would love to see filled include Austrian Hussars, Danish infantry and Dragoons, Hungarian Insurrection militia and French Marines of the Guard. Oh and Ottomans

Re: Austrian Napoleonic infantry

Definitely the Ottomans or even a Wellesley (Wellington) in India range

Re: Austrian Napoleonic infantry

Agree with Endeavour. The War of 1812 Canadians and Americans seem to have been left hanging after a couple of good sets.

Re: Austrian Napoleonic infantry

It´s wonderful that Strelets will produce Napoleonic austrians, but it will been still greater, if it would been hungarians instead austrians. They were 40 % of the habsburg army, but no plastic-manufactorer has produced them. They worn other trousers with more ornaments and some other details.