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What do You think about RCW Tachankas? Yes, it would be difficult to create, but just imagine!

Re: Tachanka?

I know, this is beautiful set - but first it's in resin, so I am really afraid it's too delicate for my wargaming.

Second, the details and sculpts are too delicate, so again: not for my wargaming.

Third, I suppose in plastic it would be >16 times cheaper. And I would love to have more then one...

I probably will buy one set, though.

Re: Tachanka?

I see what you mean but I don't think Strelets are capable of making such demanding sets. Look at their horrible wagons and sledges. Zvezda would have been but as we all know they will hardly produce anything new ...

Re: Tachanka?

Would be excellent - I'm scratchbuilding some simple gaming ones at the moment with wheels and horses from Napoleonic wagons. Crew conversions from Preiser Russian tank riders and other sources. Would love some Makhnovist crew in more varied civilian coats though.

Re: Tachanka?

Would love to have this in plastic !Perhaps Haron would consider adding it to the Orion range? I hope that Strelets might at least add some more sets to their RCW range. How about a set of Streltsi Blue Coats ?

Re: Tachanka?

It would been great to have some of these taschanka´s. And the box-cover is adorable!
I love it like your former covers for new ACW-troops.