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Re: WWI French

Not sure about that Graham, they certainly often wore the Adrian and webbing / pouches, not sure about tunics, but I have yet to see more than the odd two or three images of SCW soldiers in puttees.

That's why I sincerely hope Strelets will do a set of Rif War Spanish infantry! :pray:

Re: WWI French

The masters look nice but there would be too many rifles and officers, a set of 12 figures should be enough to provide a proper mix to form platoon strength units which this sadly doesnt do...

Pics out of capote are usually not in attack... ie on the march resting,in the trenches on a quite sector etc... there is good reason for this..
Initially Serbs were provided with very little and certainly not capotes, but this changed when they went to the front, most pics again are training or resting posing etc trench pics show capotes, Rifles were Berthiers.

From a Previous Post with some modification:
"From: "Manuel du chef de section d'infanterie" January 1918 official.

Sergeant Rifle x3 (1 platoon and 2 section leaders)
corporal Rifle x4 ( half section leaders) semi auto Rifle RSC? usually given to the best shot.

A Platoon is 4 half sections as follows does not include above command:


Infantry section with a minimum of 86 grenades more if thought necesary:
2 dedicated grenade throwers, Berthier carbines/daggers for close combat
4 Riflemen, Lebel or Berthier, daggers for close combat
2 extras if available

Automatics and VB grenade section:
Chauchat Gunner, pistol
Chauchat loader, pistol
Chauchat Ammo carrier, rifle
3 Rifle Grenadiers, Rifle with VB launchers.
2 extras if available chauchat gunner and Rifle grenadier or 2 ammo carriers
With a total of 54 VB grenades more if thought necesary and 1,160 DAM rounds for the Chauchats more if thought necesary.

platoon strength minimum 29 men total not including extras.

In addition Company Auto rifle Section: 4 Chauchat gunners plus loaders and ammo carriers can be used any way the commander (an Officer) sees fit..

The above figures are likely realistic since in theory the nominal full strength of a platoon should be around 40 men... something not really possible by this date."

Rifles standard Lebels and Berthier with 5 shot mag. carbine Berthiers or similar. The whole unit in theory uses the same ammo although Auto ammo is specially made for quality ie the DAM rounds but you could use any 8mm lebel but expect more jams.

Note there are no officers only NCOs except for the company command.