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Re: Early Twentieth Century FFL in Pith Helmets

Thanks for your help; I tried to research possible use of pith helmet figures as French Marines,however,if all else fails I will use the Strelets pith helmet figures with the Esci officer in pith helmet or with Askari Miniatures artillery crew I bought.

I'm so glad Strelets seems to be making a Legion heavy weapons set,but if all else fails a hobbyist can buy different scale figures and just not photograph them close together.



Re: Early Twentieth Century FFL in Pith Helmets


I'm not sure whether I get what you really want but if you are also looking for French Marines wearing pith helmets (and greatcoats), Jouineau has a plate for this as well, to judge from the anchor on the helmets (pre WWI):

What about French troops wearing pith helmets in the late 19th century Indo-China wars?