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Re: Medieval Britain and Crusades

Dear Zirrian,

we don't have such plans in the near future.
We are planning few re-releases in 2019 but not for these ones.

We appreciate, that all have their budgets and financial constraints but our advise would be to grab a set of interest when it's still available, as very often, they won't have "afterlife" in form of re-releases either due to mold wear and tear or for other reasons. Just think about this: there are more than 120 sets, that are completely sold out by now and if we re-release about 6 of them every year (which is a lot by today's standards), it will take over 20 years to re-release them all. In the meantime we will come up with 20 years x 25 sets/year average output = 500 new sets, some of which will also be sold and require re-releases. What are the chances, that any given set will be re-run?

We hope that it clarifies,

Best regards,

Thank you for the answer - I feel a bit down, but I understand. Still, in case you find some in a warehouse sitting idly, my email is here :P

On another note - the recent medieval archers and footmen were really great, but 1-2 extra sets would make it a complete line. Maybe a box of 13th century knights, combining both foot and mounted knights? Or some mounted squires?

I really do hope Strelets will return to medievals, as the recent output has been great. I got the big boxes for the Dark Ages, and hopefully I can paint up some armies from them this year.